Tips to avoid stress due to coursework

Most people when stepping four semester in campus will feel bored. Boredom will come when we already getting fed up with the activity we do. For example, because the task is quite a lot and work hard in yet another deadline, lecturer killer. hm .. problems like this that makes students become stress. actually it all could be solved by managing the time and opportunity. we use the time as good as possible and we fill in the blank blemish-reproach in every opportunity. because I’m sure, every day there are empty time for students.

I have experienced dizziness and mild stress, caused by the many tasks, the program that error. such as luggage like anger and emotion. not to mention the problem of friends who are selfish, not willing to cooperate and assist us. At such times, we desperately need help and support from those close to us. We need a new motivation to deal with existing problems. I also experienced a down and now I try to bounce back to achieve my future.

The only reason that makes us strong is our parents. parents are away with us but still met our needs, boarding costs, tuition fees, daily necessities and many others. because we are able to spirit them back to see the struggle and hard work. they also pray that we will be successful and happy, able to become the pride of the family. we should not down, we must struggle and work hard just like what our parents.

from that experience, I have some tips to avoid stress due to coursework:
1. divide their time between on campus and in the boarding house.
2. record the task along with their deadlines, after which the paste on the wall or place that we can remember each time.
3. split between heavy and light duty.
4. tasks directly without the delay when there are empty time.
5. when there are empty time on campus, which we can discuss with friends about the difficulty of the task we face.

6. reducing time to sleep tonight, and keep your diet to stay healthy.
7. do not give up with a daunting task, try to continue and look for references from the internet as a material consideration.
8. do all the tasks in peace without haste.
9. if it is tired or bored, play games or refreshing for our thoughts remain fresh and happy.
10.don’t forgot to make the targets as encouraging us in these tasks.
11.don’t forget to pray and keep His commandments as a coolant liver.
12.make a new motivation, we can read the story of motivation or listening to music.
13. after all the agenda of the task accomplished, we can replace with the intention of the new day, a new spirit with a smile and ready to accept new assignments as well. is very good guys …!

“You are the best of yourself, something potential that is inside of you not in the waste, take advantage of the talent or resources you have, manage it well. Hopefully it will be useful later in life, both for you and those around you. ”

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